Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Falluja, CMA Awards and Healthcare in Ontario

Read about the Falluja offensive underway in Iraq where "terrorists" ( translate: non whites, non christians who do not like foreign forces on their land or 2000 lb bombs dropping from the sky) and Americans (troops who are determined to survive another day for a war they do not believe in and will kill just because they want to go home to their families some day) are at it for a third day. 10 Americans died. Hundreds of insurgents died. Is anyone keeping a count of how many civilians died? Or maybe they are dressed as ordinary iraqis and they then fall into the insurgent category.
Isn't it a tragedy when a song 'Live like you were dying" wins the CMA award last night? Those were the Red states during the elections held recently. Seems like a message in there.
I gave this topic a hard think last night and came up with this question. Since I have to pay a premium for healthcare in the province of Ontario, should I not be able to choose who I pay it to?
Finally, I looked at a number of websites that offer Canadian immigration to disgruntled Americans who cannot stand 4 more years of George W Bush. The reasons they have cited include "half the Canadian provinces are pro- gay marriage, Canada has free health care and you can smoke your pot in peace in this great and liberal land. Now, is this the message we need to send around the world? Canada has been flooded by Islamists and they are getting more visible by the day-women with just eyes showing-reminding one of Afghanistan. As is well known, the incidents of HIV/AIDS is higher in gays as compared to heterosexuals. So we have Free health care and gay marriages mentioned on the same page. Is this what we need in Canada, folks? Is there a dearth of people, who come in with more than a need to practice radical religion, smoke pot and get married to a person of the same sex? Where are the engineers and doctors and nurses and teachers we desperately need? I can see Bush smiling while reading this blog.


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